Neenah Family Photographer | The Schremp Family

The best part of my "job" is hearing that I made a mom cry.  Now, it's not what you might think.  The tears that I make mamas squirt are that of joy and happiness.  "Say Cheese!" is soooo boring.  When joining me for a session, we're going to play games, crack jokes, have friendly competitions, and even go on some adventures! In turn, these mamas are going to be sent albums FULL of memories....hence the tear squirtin' <3 I make a lot of mamas cry and I LOVE IT!

Jen here was no exception.  This mom is such a strong woman, and she ADORES her children.  She'd do just about anything for these 3 and it shows.  The best part? These kids also adore their mama...and oddly?! Each other!  They're such a sweet tight knit group that have no problem snugglin' on each other. I'm so glad they found me and plan to keep me around for a while ;)

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