Neenah Family Photographer | The Herbst Family

I often hear from parents that 1 or the other child is going to be a "challenge" to me when it comes to getting them to cooperate, smile, sit still, or what-have-you.  I'm a mom myself, so I've even given this warning out to photographers upon meeting them.  Here is what I have found to be hilarious about these "warnings"-they're almost always wrong in some way, shape, or form.  Many times, when parents warn me of 1 child being the "challenge," it ends up being the complete opposite and the one they expected to be the easy peasy one picks that day to toss out a curve ball!  Trust me when I say that I go into any shoot expecting that ANYTHING could happen, and I have ALL of my tricks up my sleeve to conquer just about anything! 

This fabulous family was actually most concerned one of their children would be the one to to make our session an interesting one, but she actually shined throughout the session.  The other was suspected to be the super cooperative sweet sister!  Tables turned this night and she decided she wanted to be the one we had to work hard for, and THAT'S OK! Any given sunday in Football, right? Any given sunset in my case, and I will adjust to whatever your kids want to toss my way!  They're still cute when they're a "challenge," and I can work with it JUST FINE! Look how beautiful these girls are! Could you honestly tell whether either of them were being tough on us AT ALL?! I'd never know if I didn't already actually know!