Neenah Family Photographer | Jayden and Abigail's Family

This beautiful family started coming to me earlier this year, and I couldn't be more thrilled that they've taken me on as their family photographer.  Cute kids AND super easy going parents?! That's the ideal family!  When parents stress, kids stress.  When kids stress, the shoot can go totally array.  Believe it or not, the more care-free (parents often translate this as "naughty") your children are during a shoot, the cuter they'll turn out.  The more easy-going parents are about letting children be free-spirited, the more successful and the more beautiful the shoot results! Kids are going to be kids.  I'm a mom and I have about the most "free-spirited" child on the planet, so I GET IT! For one hour a year, let's just let them be kids and throw any care out the window, k?!  Trust me, it'll make your shoot just as gorgeous as this one was!

Back to these 4...OMG.  The night was beautiful, the kids were as cute as ever, and the parents rocked it!  Abigail turned 1 this summer...omg already?! And she's turning into the smiliest little nugget ever! Jayden...oh Jayden! He's such a boy, and I mean that in the BEST way possible.  Boys are just FUN.  They are.  They often times put the entertainment in all of my shoots.  Girls are just adorable and bring the sweetness around! All-in-all, if you bring me your boys and girls, we're going to have a fabulous time together!

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