Neenah Family Photographer | The Kwasny Family

I could not imagine a sweeter family on a more beautiful night.  A spitfire named Laekyn and the sweetest big sister named Brielle made for such a fun evening.  These sisters could not be more opposite from one another, but gosh they're both so amazing in their own ways!

Alyssa and I met in college YEARS ago (I won't age us too much), and recently reconnected via Tara Lee Photography.  Could she be more beautiful?!  And trust me...she's totally that inner and outer beauty type.  She certainly found a gem in Kevin! This dad far surpassed any hopes and dreams I have when meeting new dads.  Dads, you can be a challenge.  Well, some of you.  And that's ok!  Even my husband's less-than-favorite-thing in the world to do is take photos, so I GET IT! All I ever hope is that we can avoid the whole "taking photos" drama and turn it into a fun evening of playing with your family so that I can capture moments to cherish forever.  Kevin was a rockstar day with his beautiful girls!

It's so SO rewarding to reconnect with people through my passion of photography.  This "business" (gosh can something this fun be a "job"?!) has reunited me with many old friends.  It's also been the seed to so many new friendships! 

Just looking at the smiles and love within this family reminds me of how blessed I am to have followed my dreams of making this "job" of mine a reality! I surely couldn't do it with all of my amazing clients who have all become more of family to me than anything else.

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