Neenah Family Photographer | Norah is 1!

Just a year ago, this new mom and dad walked into my TINY studio (it was the very first one I gave a whirl when I moved back to Wisconsin last summer) with fear and exhaustion in their eyes…you know…that look we all have in those first few days of parenthood!  When they asked me to do little Nora’s 1 year photos, I was beyond honored that they wanted to keep me in their lives as their photographer!

Upon meeting this time…they were pros!  Well, actually, are any of us ever pros?!  Nope.  But, we “get the hang of things” and eventually we lax up and let go of some of that fear (let’s face it, it never COMPLETELY goes away).  It’s fun to see the difference in parents from that newborn session to the 1 year session, and to not only see how that little one has grown, but to see how far the parents have come!  I adore this family and hope to see them year after year after year!