Neenah Family Photographer | The Elliot's

The Elliot family came to me as brand new clients, but I sure felt like they'd always been forever friends! Ever just hit it off with someone(s)?!  I often do with so many of my clients and these 3 were no exception!  The best shoots end with the feeling of new friendships and new members of the Tara Lee Photography fam!  They have the sweetest little doll with SO much personality at just 1 year old.  She giggled, smiled lots, straight-faced me, smirked a ton, mean mugged me, and became cuddly...a very typical little lady already! After all, all of these emotions are our prerogative right?!  

Starting out cloudy, this night did end with a tiny peek of sun!  We definitely managed a beautiful shoot with the "best" of both clouds and sun.  I often tell clients that clouds are NOT the end all/be all, but sun sure can do some justice to photos.  However, despite sun at the front end of our shoot, these still didn't turn out too shabby, eh?! <3 Sunny skies don't make a shoot...beautiful, happy faces do!